Bam Margera Arrested For Destroying Rental Car

Bam Margera has been arrested in Iceland after he reportedly destroyed a rental car over a year ago, just moments after landing in the country.

The 33-year-old is believed to have visited the country 12 months ago for five, and to peruse the country he rented a Toyota Landcruiser that the pro skateboarder then returned in a terrible condition.

Margera then left the country without paying damages, fees, and various other costs, which would have covered the destruction that included paint marks on the seats as well as a series of scratches on the paintwork.

Margera was arrested at Keflavik Airport when he landed in the country on Wednesday. However, only hours later, he was released after paying $8,000, which covered the cost of the damages.

Bam conducted an interview with, an Icelandic news website, just after his release where he went into more detail about his ordeal.

Margera recanted, “I’ve been here five times and I think it’s great. I was only planning on being here for five days but we happened to like it so much and I met a bunch of friends so I decided to stay. Somehow I had to pay 8,000 dollars on a rental car and somebody backed into it and then hit and ran so that was one thing.”

Margera went on to add, “Then I kicked the door in because I was pissed one night. Then there was a scratch over there and that they had to replace the whole for. The back got hit and then I’ve been painting with oil paints, so oil paints got everywhere. There’s blue paint all over the inside of the car and they charged me for each and every seat.”

He then admitted, “I may as well buy the f***ing car at this rate.” However, he still seemed to enjoy his time in the country, as he Tweeted later, “Iceland rocked. Off to Finland for a day before the Nordic dates of the tour.”

[Image via Flickr/Wikimedia]