Whoopi Goldberg Criticizes Barbara Walters’ Royal Baby Special

Whoopi Goldberg probably wasn’t one of the millions of viewers who tuned into Barbara Walters’ recent royal baby special.

The comedienne butted heads with the renowned journalist during Tuesday’s episode of The View. Walters’ attempt to promote the upcoming special was soon interrupted by Goldberg. In her opinion, coverage of the royal baby’s birth has spiraled out of control.

“People are losing their minds. Do the guys care as much as the women do? Because I don’t care!” Whoopi Goldberg said.

Not one to sit idly by while someone trashes her 20/20 special, Walters decided to fire back. In her opinion, the royal baby special was something people really wanted to see.

“They may not care, but we’re doing an hour special tonight, okay? People, they do care,” she explained.

Although Walters tried her best to get Goldberg to understand that people genuinely wanted to know more about the newborn, the comedienne said she had no intention of watching the special.

“Whoopi will not be watching. We hope you will and we hope there are a lot of people who give a darn, okay? Because we worked very hard on this,” Walters said.

While Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters didn’t see eye-to-eye regarding the 20/20 special, the actress explained that there was no ill will between them. Reports that she ranted off-camera for seven minutes were apparently completely false.

“I don’t rant at The View for seven minutes for any reason. That would not have come out of my mouth, especially not at The View. I’m not stupid. I don’t see any reason you’d do this unless you are looking for a fight, and no one likes a fight,” Goldberg told Confidenti@l on Wednesday night.

The comedienne also told the New York Daily News that she and Barbara Walters are just fine.

“Dude, she hired me. It is a very good relationship,” she explained.

Do you agree with Whoopi Golberg that royal baby coverage in the US is out of control?

[Image via Eugenio Marongiu / Shutterstock.com]