Locals Line Up At 2 AM To Donate Blood To Spanish Train Crash Victims

Locals lined up at 2 am to donate blood in order to help victims of the train crash in Spain, according to MSN Now.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that the train crash in Spain may have been caused by higher than normal speeds.

The Spain train derailment on Wednesday has killed a confirmed 80 people according to CNN.

The high-speed passenger train was traveling from Madrid to Ferrol when it left the tracks going around a curve.

The train derailment forced four of the 13 train cars to overturn.

MSN Now reported the following:

In the wake of a tragedy, nothing fills the heart with hope quite like the sight of people rushing to help.

This photo [seen above] submitted to Reddit seems to prove that there are strangers willing to swoop in when they see those in need.

Spanish authorities have not yet identified the reason for the train derailment, but they are discounting terrorism, an official with the Interior Ministry said on condition of anonymity.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that this train crash in Spain is the deadliest train accident in country’s history since 1972 in which a train collided with a bus in southwestern Spain, killing 86 people and injuring 112.

One US citizen is among the dead, according to Deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf. At least five US citizens were also injured, she added.

According to the CNN report, the train driver is being questioned by police and is under formal investigation.

“He is not being charged by a judge at the moment — it is all at a police level,” Maria Pardo Rios, a spokeswoman for the Calicia regional supreme court said.

“Ninety-five of the 178 injured are still hospitalized, the local government’s official Twitter account said. Thirty-two adults and four children are in critical condition.”

CNN continued on to say that Judicial teams are still at the crash site and expect to find more bodies.

With all this tragic news, it’s heart warming to see so many locals line up at such an early hour to donate blood to the victims of the train crash in Spain.

[Image via Reddit]