Anthony Weiner's Newest Sexting Pal ID'd In 'Cheeky' Pics

The identity of Anthony Weiner's newest sexting partner was protected by The Dirty's Nik Richie when he exposed the New York mayoral candidate's most recent indiscretions. Thankfully, we have TMZ to solve that problem.

TMZ reports that Weiner's sexting partner is 23-year-old Sydney Elaine Leathers, and obtained photos that she sent the former congressman in July 2012. This was well after his forced resignation from Congress in 2011, and Weiner admits that he didn't curb his sexting behavior until last summer.

Leathers says that the two often traded explicit photos, over 30 in total. Weiner also apparently has a foot fetish, and asked for tons of pictures of Leathers' heels. In return, he sent her pictures of his weiner.

In a new twist, they also reportedly talked on the phone regularly. She said that he was especially adamant about that, and that he often told her about his sex dreams which involved the two of them having relations in the shower.

Weiner admitted earlier this week that some of the new stuff published by The Dirty is true, and later confirmed that he had been sexting until summer of 2012, a year after his resignation from Congress.

He said early in his mayoral bid that more sexting stuff might come out at some point, but said this week that the whole thing "is entirely behind me" unlike his photos, which are entirely in front of him.

He's still moving ahead with his New York City mayoral campaign, and it is unclear at this time how this latest sexting scandal will affect his chances. You can check out a photo of Sydney Elaine Leathers, Anthony Weiner's latest sexting partner, below. You can see the rest of the NSFW photos at TMZ.

Anthony Weiner sexting partner

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