Creed’s Scott Stapp Thinks Obama Is Using Trayvon Martin To Distract Us

Creed’s Scott Stapp is not a racist, he would like you to know, but he also thinks President Obama is using the whole Trayvon Martin thing to divert attention away from the “IRS scandal,” NSA spying, and other issues about which Scott Stapp is very concerned and also, by the way, he has a new album coming out.

Surely Scott Stapp’s new album is totally unrelated to his Obama rant, but in a “TwitLonger” missive, the 00s Jesus rocker makes a series of bizarre allegations against the White House. Stapp suggests that President Obama somehow managed to plant seeds of dissent nearly a year and a half ago over Trayvon Martin, being as protests started over the teen’s killing back in March of 2012.

Is there no end to Obama’s chicanery? As Scott Stapp sagely points out, he somehow managed to predict that the “not guilty” verdict in the Zimmerman case would bother many Americans, and used this poor teenager’s death to distract people by saying words on two occasions in a 16 month period.

Did Dictator Obama stop there, after he incited the black borg, who we all know make decisions as a singular block and are incapable of individual black person feelings? No, he did not. Stapp explains how the President somehow seems to have proactively leveraged this outrage to keep you from getting mad about the IRS’ targeting of opponents of Obama, something that only happened in Darrell Issa’s late night fantasies.

But if we pretend it did happen and Obama did know the story would break around the same time the jury deemed Zimmerman not guilty, well… you saw what didn’t happen during the subsequent protests. Imaginary chaos! Stereotypes looting and pillaging!

Not only that, but Obama deviously fomented this Trayvon Martin outrage a full year and a half before Edward Snowden fled to Hong Kong with NSA secrets, knowing full well that his massive Wu-Tang Clan army would be angry about the murder of an unarmed black teenager just as Snowden’s claims hit.

Wake up, sheeple!

Stapp writes:

“Woke up to see more headlines about the Trayvon Martin case. Now it has become a ‘Civil Rights’ catalyst. I guess ‘Not guilty’ doesn’t mean anything in America anymore. I have tremendous sympathy, and my heart goes out to the parents of Martin for the loss of their son. It is sad, and no one won in this case.”

Jeez, America. Don’t act as if the killing of a black teen had anything to do with civil rights in the past. And we all were really cool to OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony after they were declared not guilty, after all.

“Tragic, yes, but what has spawned after the verdict is very telling about our great nation. It seems very convenient for President Obama to help perpetuate this ‘National distraction.’ Yes, the civil rights of ALL Americans is vital to our democracy, but not even an issue in the Trayvon Martin case. I don’t feel it’s a stretch to say that President Obama and others in the White House are perpetuating this story to distract Americans from what is really going on in Washington DC.”

Yes! Obama talked about Trayvon Martin twice! He just won’t shut up about it, talking two whole times.

“As the media jumps on the band wagon and continues to be a propaganda arm for the Obama administration, the American people in general have no idea that the targeting of individuals by the IRS during Obama’s re-election has now been proven to connect directly to President Obama’s office.”

Dear Obama Administration, my propaganda pushing check is late this month. If you don’t get on the stick, I will be forced to report upon how the President once gave Mitch McConnell a dirty look. Not a threat, just a suggestion.

Stapp adds:

“Like a bully with power, President Obama decided to cheat to ensure victory. President Obama decided that anyone with a platform who spoke out against him, as well as his clear cut political opponents, should be silenced and all their bank accounts frozen so they had no money to fight him.”

Craftily, Obama even secretly urged many Republican governors to hastily change voting laws to prevent black people from voting, so it would appear the GOP and not Obama’s team were cheating. And all the right has are the Koch brothers, who are practically broke. Stapp keeps going:

“Is this the country I love? Is this the country our young men and women go to war and die for? At the same time ‘Obama Care’ is going into effect and the blinding holes that will devastate our health care system and cause over a million jobs to be lost, are getting brushed under the rug of ‘Civil Rights’ and [Trayvon] Martin. Yes, we must stop the violence. Yes, we as Americans and the world need to love one another and end all violations of civil and human rights, but again, the military industrial complex and those in political power have seized another opportunity to create a smoke screen when a possible impeachment is in order. Money, money, money, power, power, power and the preservation of both.”

“In my opinion, that is what is driving this new outcry. I pray the American people don’t get so distracted that they forget what is going on with the IRS scandal, Obama Care, and the violation of all Americans rights by the NSA and other intelligence services as initially revealed by Edward Snowden. It’s time we wake up and hold our leaders accountable and not get distracted by the ‘Smoke Screens.’ ”

Scott Stapp concludes:

“Again, just my opinion~ The American people are much smarter than the powers that be think we are. Americans need to remember not to get distracted from what the most relevant priorities are right now in our country. Yes, civil rights for all is in the top 10, don’t get me wrong, but it should not distract us from socialism and governmental abuse of power which is the reality of the Obama administration and DC today. We have to WAKE UP~ Love you all. In the studio wrapping up my new album. Can’t wait to share it w/you. Stay tuned~Stapp”

Remember, America, as Scott Stapp says, you can only be mad about one thing at a time. If you want to solve world hunger, then you can’t bother with changing abortion laws or gun rights. Pick one, and pick wisely. And also, buy Scott Stapp‘s new album, or he will unleash more horrible Kid Rock sexcapade stories upon us, and nobody wants that.