'Star Wars' Rumor: Leonardo DiCaprio Turned Down Role In Sequel

Todd Rigney

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly turned down a role in acclaimed director J.J. Abrams' highly-anticipated sequel Star Wars: Episode VII.

Details are few and far between at the moment, but unconfirmed reports suggest that the Great Gatsby star decided to pass on a chance to star in the next installment of the beloved franchise.

It would appear that Leonardo DiCaprio has his reasons for opting out of Star Wars: Episode VII. Apparently the busy actor is extremely interested in landing a role in the proposed Robotech movie. Since he can't do both, DiCaprio decided to skip out on Star Wars.

Director Nic Mathieu was tapped earlier this year to helm the upcoming adaptation of the animated series. Although not much has been said about the project in quite some time, apparently the flick is still moving forward at Warner Bros.

During his days as Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire tried to get a Robotech movie up and running. However, that project never made it past the planning stage.

Rumors surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio's decision to pass on Star Wars comes from the folks at Latino Review. The website is often hit and miss with its reports, so it's best to take this whole thing with a grain of salt for the time being.

One of the site's most recent rumors suggested that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was up for the role of Doctor Strange. Shortly after these reports surfaced, a representative for the actor shot them down.

DiCaprio isn't the only big name that's currently associated with J.J. Abrams' flick. Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron are rumored to be up for roles in the proposed sequel. Again, nothing about their involvement has been confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm.

What do you think about the rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio turned down a chance to star in Star Wars: Episode VII? Do you believe there's any truth to these reports?

[Image via Warner Bros. Pictures]