Ted Nugent Says Black People Should Be Profiled Like Dogs, But Says He Fights Racism

Ted Nugent has crawled out from under his rock following the George Zimmerman verdict, opening his draft-dodging face hole to smear victim Trayvon Martin, and now weighing in on President Obama’s candid speech about Martin late last week.

Ted Nugent has been a vocal critic of the President since Obama took office, but the Trayvon Martin controversy has given him yet another angle from which to bleat his hateful rhetoric and shoehorn his name into the media once again.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier, Nugent has referred to Martin as “an enraged black man-child” and a “dope-smoking, dope-peddling, gangsta wannabe, Skittles hoodie boy.” The fading rocker also blasted Stevie Wonder for boycotting Florida, referencing unrelated murders in Chicago as a puzzling counterpoint to outrage over the Martin case.

Despite that characterization of a teen who committed no crime save for walking to the store, Nugent claims you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger advocate for black people than him. Saying he is “so anti-racist” that anyone “would be hard pressed… to find someone who has fought racism more than” Ted Nugent, he goes on to say that “we’ve witnessed a number of storms that have destroyed homes, and threatened lives, and tipped over cars, I don’t think we’re prejudging those storm threats… I don’t think we are prejudging. I think we are taking evidence, and going, ‘uh-oh black clouds coming in, wind is picking up, I think I better head for a shelter.’ “

Nugent is talking about profiling, an act that when based on skin color, is inarguably racist — just seconds after he says he is the least racist person ever. He references “the gangs of blacks lately that have just been just going down the downtown streets and breaking windows on cars,” opining that “at some point you got to be afraid of black and white dogs if the Dalmatian’s doing the biting.”

Nugent adds:

“I think when you use the word profile, if a Dalmatian has been biting the children in the neighborhood, I think we’re going to look for a black and white dog.”

Watch Ted Nugent’s “anti-racist” comments, above.