Bear Enters Bar In Colorado After Dumpster Diving

“A bear enters a bar” sounds like the start to a joke, but bar customers in Estes Park, Colorado weren’t laughing when that exact situation recently occurred.

The black bear was dumpster diving outside of the bar when it decided to enter the business.

The incident went down at Lonigan’s Bar located at 110 West Elkhorn Avenue.

While a bear entering a bar might seem scary at least one resident didn’t seem to mind. Estes Park resident Daniel Lyell tells CBS Local that he re-entered the bar to get photographs of the bear. According to Lyell:

“I tried to holler, ‘Bear!’ so people could hear me. They were oblivious. He kept wandering up to the middle bar where all the patrons were.”

As Lyell attempted to take photographs of the black bear, the bar’s surveillance camera did a good job of capturing the bear’s path inside the bar.

Apparently not happy with the bar’s lack of fresh berries for the pickings, the black bear only spent a few moments inside before it turns around and left.

The on-duty bartender recalls his reaction to the black bear entering the bar:

“My first reaction is to have a heart attack and my second reaction is to give him whatever he wants.”

Here’s the surveillance camera catching the bear as it enters the bar:

Last summer, a black bear also broke into the Estes Park chocolate store. Officials are not sure if this is the same black bear that was involved in the previous chocolate store robbery. Here’s a video of last years break-in:

Lonigan’s is now planning some special shots to celebrate its burly bear visitor. Perhaps something created with the help of scavenged berries from the nearby wilderness.

Maybe the bear left because nobody was buying it a drink. Poor bear.

Would you freak out if a bear entered the bar you were drinking at, or would you be willing to take it in stride like Colorado residents?