Denver Broncos Won’t Fire Team Executives Arrested For DUI

The Denver Broncos have no plans to fire two high ranking executives even though they were both arrested this offseason on suspicion of DUI.

This week the team was hit by a slew of bad news, first that director of player personnel Matt Russell had been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after he crashed into a police SUV. Within a day it was revealed that another executive, director of pro personnel Tom Heckert, was arrested in June on DUI charges.

The Denver Broncos are expected to keep both men in their positions, but a clearly angry team President Joe Ellis vowed discipline.

“We’re not perfect. We’ve made our errors. We admit. You can say we apologized for it — but I think an apology rings hollow when you run into the back of a police car or you’re blowing a blood alcohol limit that’s three times the legal limit. I don’t think fans, I don’t think the public, I don’t think anybody wants to hear an apology,” Ellis told The Associated Press.

Ellis said the two need to acknowledge their mistakes, and that the team and league both offer resources that could have helped the two men now accused of DUI.

“In this case, we had two guys that couldn’t do it,” Ellis said. “And that’s just sad. That’s too bad. But we’re going to move on and our hope is that you won’t see this kind of incident from an employee again.”

The Denver Broncos have seen a wave of criticism for the decision to keep the two, with many negative comments directed toward the team in social media. Tom Nalen, a longtime Broncos center who is being inducted into the team’s Ring of Fame this year, called the team cowardly in a tweet. He later backed off his statements a bit.

That isn’t the only problem the Denver Broncos are facing, however. The team’s star linebacker Von Miller was just handed a four-game suspension for a violation of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy. He has vowed to appeal.