Woman Horrified To Discover Safeway Chicken Foot, Demands Media Pay Attention

A woman in Arizona was shocked to discover a chicken foot in a package of chicken breasts, tweeting a series of angry messages to Safeway after she was forced to confront the knowledge that chickens have other parts as she shopped in one of the chain's locations.

The woman, named Lindsay (@liiindseyyy412), found the Safeway chicken foot -- in and of itself a common food item and not in any way illegal or even taboo to sell or eat -- yesterday, and instantly began insisting the "news" respond to report upon the horrifying development of chicken being made out of chicken. (Please no one show Lindsay the video of how chicken nuggets are really made, and please do not alert her to the fact that there is indeed not any part of the chicken called the "nugget.")

Among the panicked things Lindsay said about the Safeway chicken foot was, "I alerted the news and they're on their way," as if a tractor trailer had run over a busload of orphans in the meat aisle and not that this poor woman was simply exposed to a piece of meat many Earth residents (Americans included) consider perfectly good eating.

Lindsay emailed a "statement" about the Safeway chicken foot to several news organizations, laboring under the impression (it appears) that she'd stumbled upon adulterated food and not an edible if unpalatable (to her) piece of meat. She said:

"I came across it when I was shopping for dinner at Safeway. My initial reaction was shock, of course, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was disgusting. I tweeted the picture to Safeway and they responded almost immediately asking what Safeway store it was, and said they were going to contact the store immediately. I contacted the manager when I went back shortly after to see if it was still there, and because it was, I went to the customer service desk for the manager."

Some of the tweets sent after Safeway chicken foot-gate by Lindsay:

One news organization shockingly did not feel a chicken foot in a chicken package was newsworthy:Do you think the Safeway chicken foot scandal shows how disconnected some Americans are from their food sources?