47 Ronin Trailer Features Keanu Reeves, Dragons [Video]

There’s a moment in the 47 Ronin trailer where Keanu Reeves is called “the one” to save the day. That may sound familiar but, really, couldn’t the world use another apocalyptic, martial arts, special effects heavy movie starring Neo?

The new Keanu Reeves movie centers around an ancient samurai story about 47 leaderless samurai who take revenge on a warlord.

Reeves said: “Japanese kids grow up with this story told to them. They hear it from family and they learn it in school, it’s part of the culture. It’s been made into movies many times and on television. It’s like our westerns, the story keeps being told. It’s been reworked in some ways [for this new film] but with great care and respect.”

The movie may be based off of an ancient tale but the the film is as modern as it can get. The 3D movie, directed by music video director Carl Rinsch, features plenty of action and over-the-top special effects.

It also features a budget of more than $175 million.

According to the LA Times, 47 Ronin had a budget of $175 million but it’s grown way past that now. The movie was originally scheduled to get released last Thanksgiving but was pushed back until February 2013. That date has come and gone and now Universal is looking at a Christmas release date.

The Christmas due date looks like it will stick now that we have a 47 Ronin trailer.