Swarm Of Bees Delay Flight In North Carolina

A swarm of bees delayed a flight this week in North Carolina. The large swarm forced airport crews off the tarmac, which meant planes could not be taxied away from the gate.

The swarm of bees delayed a US Airways Express flight for three hours as officials attempted to deal with the strange issue.

According to US Airways spokeswoman Michelle Mohr, the bees were only brought under control after officials scrambled to hire a bee keeper.

A total of 79 passengers aboard the US Airways flight had hoped to leave at 1 pm and arrive in Indianapolis one hour later. Instead, the flight departed at 4 pm.

Flight 2690 was departing from Charlotte Douglas International Airport when a worker approaching the tug noticed a large number of bees.

Workers, afraid of being stung by hundreds of bees, chose to walk away from the tug and seek professional help from the bee keeper.

Thankfully, none of the bees that delayed the flight stung any of the workers.

None of the bees got inside the plane’s cabin, and no injuries were reported because of the incident.

We have reported on dogs and other animals delaying flights by running onto tarmacs. This is the first time we have reported on bees delaying a flight.

While a swarm of bees delaying a flight is scary, any sightings of large swarms is a good sign. As we recently reported, millions of honeybees were recently found dead, likely because of a neonicotinoid pesticides. Researchers have been working endlessly to determine why bees are dying off at record rates.

Would you be freaked out if a swarm of bees surrounded your plane and delayed your flight?