Chromecast TV: $35 Google Dongle Is Cheap, But How Well Does It Work?

Google announced their value for money Chromecast TV dongle at its launch event on Wednesday morning. (Video below)

Mario Queiroz, Google’s head of TV technology, spoke at the event about the new, much anticipated dongle: “The Chromecast is the easiest way to bring your favorite online entertainment to your TV.”

Essentially the Chromecast TV dongle will offer users the ability to stream Internet video and content onto their television screen. Simply plug the dongle into the HDMI port of a TV then connect it to the WiFi network at home. You can then watch movies or listen to music stored on your smartphone, tablet or PC, and watch or listen to it on the big screen.

The main feature of the Google device is that it allows people to watch video clips or movies from their mobile devices on the TV. One big advantage is that users can simultaneously watch videos on the big screen while accessing emails or other apps on their mobile device.

At this stage Chromecast is getting a lot of love in Techie circles, mainly due to its price. For a mere $35 buyers receive the device and a free three months subscription to Netflix’s streaming service.

The price may be good but what about the usability and functionality? The device is cheap which means it doesn’t offer the same extensive features that its competitors, the Apple Tv ($99,) and, Roku ($50,) do.

While not as powerful for those who want to use services such as YouTube or Netflix the Google device is a perfect match based on value for money paid.

The Chromecast device is available now from the Google Play Store, and The device is currently sold out but will start shipping against on August 7.

You can get all the details you need about the Google Chromecast TV dongle in this short video: