Ted Nugent: Boycott Chicago, Not Florida [Listen]

Rocker and outspoken Second Amendment advocate Ted Nugent says that certain celebrities may be acting in a hypocritical manner over plans to boycott Florida following the Zimmerman not guilty verdict.

Nugent already deemed Stevie Wonder “brain dead” for vowing to no longer perform in Florida in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman acquittal in the context of the stand-your-ground law. Other artists have taken a similar vow, even though the law was not actually raised as a defense in the Trayvon Martin murder trial.

When talk show host Andrea Tantaros asked him about the boycott, the Motor City Madman suggested that some of these celebrities might have lost their logical reasoning skills because they’re burned out by drug abuse:

“When you live in a fog of denial, and usually it is inspired by just a lifetime of substance abuse — you know with all the lies about dope being a ‘victimless crime’ — I think you’re listening to the victims of this dopey crime because their brains are fried, They’re either fried on substance abuse, and all of them know who I’m talking about — the guilty can feel guilty and only the guilty should feel guilty. But there’s also a fog of denial when you’re surrounded by yes men all your life, and you have people picking up after you and you have people serving you…”

Nugent then raised the possibility of celebrities boycotting Chicago, where the murder rate is through the roof, and artists otherwise ignoring the plight of violent crime victims all across the country:

“When you start bending over spiritually and intellectually to people who take care of you all day, you can pretend by boycotting a single city with a stand-your-ground law that somehow you don’t have to boycott Chicago, where 700 people are slaughtered every year because they’re not standing their ground. [Criminals are] left out of their cages to commit more brutal murders, and rape, and carjackings and slaughter of innocents. So I really don’t know what to say, just like I handled Piers Morgan — sometimes you can’t bring truth into a liar’s life.”

Although Nugent may be engaging in overstatement, does his opinion about celebrities and their selective outrage about gun violence have any validity?

[Top image via Harmony Gerber / Shutterstock.com]