Family Bankrupt After Spending $100,000 On Beanie Babies [Video]

A family who spent $100,000 on beanie babies went bankrupt because of their obsession.

Chris Robinson, a burgeoning film-maker, has now completed a documentary that revealed the extent of their purchases, which began after his father was told that the cuddly toys would be a great investment.

The Robinson home is now filled to the brim with a variety of cuddly toys and beanie bags, which range from soft pandas, giraffes, and bunnies, but its value still remains quite low.

Chris went on to state that the family used to munch down McDonald’s takeaway burgers just so they could then get their hands on the Teenie Beanies in Happy Meals.

Chris Robinson explained, “During the time we were actively collecting Beanie Babies, there really weren’t many aspects of our lives that weren’t affected by it. It became this all-consuming family activity.”

He discussed this in depth with Dazed and Confused, stating that the toys were meant to have a huge resale value and be pined for by collectors.

Robinson continued, “My father bought into everything these people were telling him about how valuable they were going to be and how exclusive some of them were, and he passed that along to us and created this excitement in our family about what we were doing.”

He added, “For a while there was a real belief that we were going to make money from collecting these, and I’m sure some other families thought the same thing. At least I hope that we weren’t the only ones.”

However, Robinson also admitted, “We actually never really tried selling them. We just collected them for a few years, finally saw the error in our ways, and then packed them away in hopes that maybe someday they’d rebound and we could get some money back.

Mr Robinson then divulged what they intended to do with the vast sum of money they expected to received. “The plan going in was for them to pay for our college tuition, but it became pretty clear that wasn’t going to happen for us,” he stated. “Maybe by the time our kids graduate high school they’ll have made a comeback. Or we can just burn them for warmth in the event of the Apocalypse.”