Dollar Shave Club Launches Beardvertising Campaign On Man’s Beard

A new Dollar Shave Club beardvertising campaign is earning 30-year-old Jack Twachtman some extra cash.

The current college student is graduating with a degree in marketing in two weeks, and right now he’s participating in the type of campaign he hopes to one day create.

The innovative campaign started when the Dollar Shave Club decided buy “beardboards” from actual people with facial hair.

According to Twachtman in an interview with First Coast News: “It sounded really interesting, I can always appreciate innovative ways of getting new ideas out there.”

Inside the man’s bear is a tiny little sign that reads “Dollar Shave Club,” and underneath the company name is an even smaller slogan.

The slogan is so small that, “People come up and talk to me about it, take pictures of it,” he said.

If you are unfamiliar with the Dollar Shave Club and its hilarious commercials, the company sells monthly memberships for men’s razors. Think of the company as the Netflix of men’s shaving.

Obviously having a huge beard means Twachtman isn’t a big Dollar Shave Club user, but he likes that the irony isn’t lost on him.

So how much does “beardvertising” pay? Bearsboard wearers receive $5 per day.

Sure, you won’t get rich becoming a Dollar Shave Club beardvertising beardboard, but Twachtman has become somewhat of a local celebrity thanks to the program.

We have seen people tattoo their body for money, we have witnessed houses painted to look like billboards, and we have seen whole car advertising, this however is one of the most strange forms of advertising we have experienced to date.

So what says you Inquisitr readers: Could you wear a tiny sign in your beard for the low price of $5 per day?