Want A Budget Droid Device For Verizon? Try The Motorola Citrus

Verizon Wireless has announced their newest "budget friendly" Google Android based device with the Motorola Citrus. The device features a touch panel that allows users to search the units interface using the back of their device and comes with Google Android 2.1

Motorola Blur is also featured on the price conscience device, while Motorola has announced that it's also environmentally friendly, made partially of recycled materials while skipping PVC and BFR use.

Unfortunately there are no other details available at this time, however we do know that it's suppose to ship by Q4 2010, although pricing has also managed to elude us.

Here's a picture of the phone, it's not the prettiest phone you'll find on the market, but if the price is right, it may just find a nice market with budget friendly Verizon Wireless customers.

Motorola Citrus[via Electronista]