‘Godzilla’ Comic-Con Footage Surfaces Online [Video]

Footage from the Godzilla Experience at this year’s Comic-Con has managed to find its way online.

Although the folks at Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures tried their hardest to keep those in attendance from capturing any footage of the event, it really didn’t work out.

The people running the Godzilla Experience told participants that no pictures or video could be taken once the event was underway. As you can see from the footage embedded below, someone slyly captured the whole thing and posted the clip online.

The video begins with a group of people being ushered into an elevator. A guy tells everyone inside that they are being evacuated via a helicopter that is waiting for them on the roof. However, it doesn’t take long for the lift to break down.

The doors open into what appears to be an office. The Comic-Con attendees are herded out of the elevator and into the room. As they wait to see what happens next, the sound of something big and menacing can be heard in the distance. That’s when Godzilla passes in front of the windows.

Although the creature on the other side of the faux-glass is clearly everyone’s favorite giant reptile, the folks at Legendary Pictures insist this isn’t the Godzilla moviegoers will see on the big screen next year. Considering the amount of money they dumped into this presentation, that seems like a giant fib.

Regardless, the clip is nothing short of spectacular. Since it’s impossible for everyone in the world to attend Comic-Con, a sneaky guest was nice enough to risk getting kicked out of the convention to capture the experience on video. The quality’s not the greatest, but what can you do.

Gareth Edward’s re-imagining of the classic Japanese franchise will arrive in theaters on May 16, 2014. While you’re waiting for that date to roll around, have a look at the clip below. Enjoy it while you can — Warner Bros. could yank the footage at any moment.

What do you think about the Godzilla Experience footage from Comic-Con 2013?