George Alexander Louis Is The Royal Seinfeld Baby

George Alexander Louis was revealed to be the name of the world’s youngest rich guy, also known as the first child of Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge) and hubby Prince William.

That the little prince was named George Alexander Louis is not surprising — no one expected a Jaiden, Braiden, or Declyn to emerge from the young royal’s nether regions.

And while George Alexander Louis is a mouthful for a little baby (and it’s still a bit weird to imagine a baby called “George”), Twitter of course turned to Seinfeld comparisons because… what else are we going to do on this hot and sticky midsummer day?

The royal baby news has petered out now — we know his birthday, and we saw the first pictures, and we even know the sprog weighed in at an impressive eight pounds, six ounces. It is even reported that Kensington Palace sources confirmed that Middleton did not have a c-section, and wasn’t “too posh to push” the rather impressively sized baby out into the pomp and circumstance awaiting him.

So now that the royal baby name has been revealed to be George Alexander Louis, let the Seinfeld jokes commence — some Twitter users kicked off the trend by tweeting out their references to the much beloved 90s sitcom, a hit that famously did not translate well to British viewers:

No word yet on whether George Alexander Louis’ parents have requested donations to The Human Fund in lieu of gifts.