Cheyene Woods Looking To Eclipse Her Uncle Tiger

Cheyenne Woods is looking to eclipse the efforts of her uncle, Tiger Woods, on the golf course by qualifying for the British Open, which begins in early August.

Woods is the 23 year-old niece of the 14-time major winner, and despite being proud of Tiger’s achievements, she is now looking to prove that she can make a name for herself, on her own merit.

Ms Woods told BBC Sport, “It’s an honor to have the last name Woods, but I want to be known for my own golf. It will take some time for some people to get used to the fact that I am Tiger Woods’ niece and I’m playing professionally now. I am always reminded of it but I’m so used to it.”

The American, who grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the daughter of Tiger Woods’ half-brother, is set to start her first full season as professional player on the Ladies European Tour.

Over the next few days she needs to perform well at the Ladies European Masters at Buckinghamshire Golf Club in order to qualify for the Open.

Despite the fact that she is trying to develop her own reputation as a golfer, her uncle remains close to her thoughts when she plays.

“The one piece of advice he has always given me is to trust my ability,” she revealed. “That’s been huge for me just for my confidence on the course. We’re both extremely busy but he keeps up with events, especially with me playing in Europe.”

Cheyenne Woods concluded, “He’s aware I’m out here and doing my thing on tour. Maybe if I qualify for the Open then I’ll get a tip or two from him. But if I ever need something I know I can always reach out to him.”

[Image via Pvt Pauline/Wikicommons]