Aaron Hernandez Back In Court Briefly For No Tie, No Shave Look

Aaron Hernandez was back in an Attleboro, Massachusetts courtroom on Wednesday for the probable cause hearing against him for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

The brief hearing took place starting at 2 PM EDT. But the judge has agreed to the prosecutors’ request to delay the probable cause hearing until August 22 to allow them to complete gathering evidence into the complex investigation.

A live stream from WPTV showed Aaron Hernandez wearing a dark suit jacket and a somewhat unshaven appearance. At times Hernandez appeared bored as he listened to some of the evidence that he’s the killer who fired the five shots — or at least masterminded the crime — that killed his friend Odin Lloyd in an execution-style slaying in the early morning hours of June 17.

Two accomplices, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, are also being charged in the killing. Wallace has pleaded not guilty to an accessory after the fact charge, and Ortiz has pleaded not guilty to a gun charge.

In a separate appearance, quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots said that he had moved on from the Aaron Hernandez case. In his first public comments since Hernandez was charged, Brady was quoted in ESPN as saying, “I’ve seen a lot of things over 13 years, and what I have learned is that mental toughness and putting aside personal agendas for what’s in the best interest of the team matters most.”

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick also made his first remarks on the case to ESPN: “Personally, I’m challenged by decisions that affect the team on a daily basis and I’m not perfect on that either, but I always try to do what I think is best for the football team.”

Both men appeared to be trying to avoid even referring to Aaron Hernandez by name.

Twitter weighs in on Aaron Hernandez’s court appearance Wednesday

As several tweets did remind us, a man is innocent until proven guilty. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty and denied any gang associations.

But honestly things aren’t looking good for Aaron Hernandez.