Justin Bieber tapped to host new incarnation of ‘Punk’d’

Wait, you may be asking- isn’t Justin Bieber’s entire career an episode of Punk’d inflicted on Twitter and America as a whole?

Apparently, someone has found a way to make Punk’d, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber exponentially annoying, by combining the three to form a super-douchetastic version of the MTV prank show known for thrusting famous people into awkward and embarrassing situations and filming their reactions. Naturally, the no-longer-trading-in-music network is being cagey on details because it will make it more difficult to successfully stage their mean pranks.

A source close to the production told the New York Times that they couldn’t say much about the project:

“If we confirm too much detail on this, it’s going to make it harder to punk people,” said an executive familiar with the production, who insisted on anonymity for that very reason.

The original Punk’d ran from 2003 until 2007. I wonder if, being as America has been punked on their mortgages, two wars and a massive bank bailout, the idea of watching someone think their entire life is imploding for sport will hold the same allure as it did back in those halcyon days. A release date for Bieber Punk’d has not yet been disclosed.