Moldovan Surgeons Use Drills, Wrenches, Construction Tools In Under-Equipped Hospital [Video]

Moldovan surgeons must work in an ill-equipped operating room using construction tools like cordless drills and wrenches during surgery. That’s the claim made in graphic surgical footage posted Tuesday to YouTube which you can see right here by hitting that button. It was previously aired several times Monday on Moldovan TV.

But before you watch the Moldovan surgeons do their thing, I’ve got to warn you. It’s surgery. There’s blood and open wounds.

Not to mention that cordless drill.

According to a very brief note by BBC News, Health Minister Andrei Usatii has denied that the cell phone footage represents the actual state of equipment in the surgical theater. He said the video was meant to discredit the children’s hospital in Chisinau, Moldova where the surgery supposedly occurred.

One gets the idea that the Moldovan surgeons cooked up the footage to pressure the hospital to purchase new equipment.

If so, it worked. Prime Minister Iuriu Leanca has reportedly demanded that funds be found for the purpose.

Reuters said that the head of the children’s hospital Nicolae Starciuc felt the surgeons had leaked the video specifically to make him look bad. It isn’t clear if he believes that the footage was faked or if the doctors deliberately chose to use implements like rusty pliers as some sort of protest.

But the video itself is fairly convincing evidence that this surgery actually took place at least once. It’s a smeary, bleary cellphone lens, but it still looks like something impractical to fake in one of the poorest countries in Europe.

The Reuters report also quoted Health Minister Usatii as stating, “The hospital had been given three new drilling machines. I don’t understand why they had to use a construction drill.”

Clearly we’re not getting the whole story here.

Just as clearly somebody’s not happy with something that’s going on at that hospital.

What do you think about the Moldovan surgeons’ construction drill video surgery?

[still photo credit: tudedude via photopin cc]