Police Threaten Man For Missing Dog Fliers [Video]

A Marysville man has been threatened by police for placing his missing dog fliers on city utility poles.

Shawn Slater, 34, suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and took a number of medications for his anxiety and seizures. That is, until he got his service dog Nanna according to King 5 News.

The 3-year-old Rottweiler is a certified medical alert and therapy dog.

“With Nanna, I didn’t take any medication at all,” said Slater. “I was two years clean off all those drugs. I didn’t have problems. I didn’t even have to take her everywhere I went. I’m finally employed again.”

The Examiner reported that Slater was contacted by police and threatened with a citation, a fine, and even the possibility of jail time because he was in violation of state law.

Slater told reporters that just before the fourth of July, fireworks in the neighborhood frightened Nanna.

She then forced her way through a hole in the fence and escaped, even ripping her dog tags off in the process.

Friends of Slater had helped him post missing dog fliers all over town, but when police noticed that they had placed them on utility poles and city property, they notified him of his illegal actions.

“If I were to put another sign up, I will be getting a $250 fine and a day in jail per sign,” Slater said the caller told him.

Marysville Police believe that the department’s senior volunteers gave Slater a courtesy call, not simply a threat.

Commander Robb Lamoureux said in a written statement:

“This affords them the opportunity to place signs that are in compliance with the law rather than a police officer issuing a citation. “That said, we are reviewing with our volunteers the precise message we want to provide to our community members to be certain that we accomplish our goal of educating.”

Slater says he understands the city wants to avoid nuisance signage, but Nanna isn’t just a lost pet.

The Examiner reported Slater saying that “It’s [Nanna] my family and it’s my sanity, I just want back.”

Slater continued on saying “Nanna figured out when my seizures were coming and she held me down when seizures happened. Since she’s gone, I’ve been on a large regimen of medication that I wouldn’t have to take if she was here.”

Nanna is a purebred Rottweiler, black with brown markings, including her legs, eyebrows, chest, and rear. She weighs 127 pounds and was wearing a red nylon collar. Slater is offering a cash reward for the dog’s safe return.

What do you think of police threatening Shawn Slater for posting fliers on city property and on utility poles?

[Image via King 5]