The world according to the Motrin Moms

The so-called “Motrin Moms” a small group of vocal Twitter users protesting against an online ad released for Motrin pain killers has scored a win, with the company forced to withdraw the ad and apologize to the group.

If you missed our coverage yesterday, the small group were upset at a viral tongue in cheek video because among a few things, it dared suggest that wearing your baby in a sling was in fashion…despite the fact that the statement any way you approach it is a statement of fact.

It’s sad really to think that in this day and age that a few vocal people, likely no more than 100 (and possibly less than 50) can spend so much time dedicated to such an unimportant and minor issue, but more importantly shout loudly enough that this is written up by some as a “major PR disaster.” (mental note: remember to shout louder in the future). That they found parts of the ad upsetting I respect, but I do not respect what followed. Most sane people outside the space if they happen to see the story will simply shake their heads in disbelief. Here’s the world according to the Motrin Moms

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