Stomach Bug Latest: 250 People In Six States infected

More than 250 people in six states are now known to have become infected with a stomach bug that is probably linked to eating contaminated food.

The infection cause diarrhea and has symptoms similar to a flu bug, according to the Centers for Disease Control. It has now been reported to have infected people in Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia and Connecticut. The CDC also stated that 10 people have been hospitalized in the past month.

The infection, defined as of the cyclospora type, is most often found in tropical or subtropical countries. In the past this form of infection has been connected to the importation of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Food and Drug Administration is investigating whether or not this is the case in the current outbreak.

The bug is passed from person to person when food or water contaminated with feces is eaten or drunk. At this stage the FDA says that they are not sure if there is a direct connection between the cases in all the states.

Until Tuesday of this week only 200 cases had been reported in four states. But the numbers of cases grew, and so the CDC added Georgia and Connecticut to states affected. The agency is concerned at reports of similar outbreaks in other locations and is carrying out an immediate investigation to check if these are linked in any way.

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