Duck Dynasty Season 4 Promo: Welcome To Duck School [Video]

Are you ready for more Duck Dynasty?

The fourth season of the hit show won’t premiere until this August but A&E has just released its first promo.

Now, Phil, Si, Jase, Willie, Jep and new beardless member Alan Robertson don’t appear in the new promo but A&E did manage to find a few kids to stand in for the Duck Dynasty stars.

The new promo, called Duck School, features a few kids dressed up as their favorite characters.

The kids are putting on a play for a large audience and yes, they even use the catchphrase: “Work hard nap hard.” The fourth season of Duck Dynasty will premiere on August 14.

A fourth season of the show was put in doubt a few weeks before the end of season three. The show was bringing in millions of viewers and the cast members wanted to get a pay raise from A&E.

According to MSN, the Robertson family was asking for more than $200,000 per episode. It’s unclear what A&E agreed to pay its cast members but, well, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Duck Dynasty is back.

Here’s the new promo for the fourth season of the hit show.

If you can’t wait until August 14 to see more Duck Dynasty you can read about Phil and Alan Robertson speaking at the Saddleback Church.