Lauren Hutton Shows There Is No Age Limit For Modeling

Lauren Hutton may be approaching her eighth decade of life, but the actress and model has no intention of slowing.

Working well into her mid- and late-60s, Hutton has become the prime example of the new phase of modeling, one in which previous constraints of age and size have faded away.

The 69-year-old model was recently tapped for an ad campaign for Lucky. She’s also done a number of other projects — including the high-end jewelry line Alexis Bittar and others like J. Crew and Mango — but the Lucky campaign won particular praise.

“Clearly she knows what she’s doing — she’s probably the hottest 69-year-old we’ve ever seen,” wrote Fashionista.

Lauren Hutton came to the set having done her own makeup and bringing a level of energy unusual for someone pushing 70, said Patrick Wade, Lucky executive vice president and creative director.

“We do shoots all the time with models, but Lauren really made the day,” Wade said. “She brought so much energy to the set.”

She joins other older models including Carmen Dell’Orefice, an 81-year-old who made a splash at New York Fashion Week last fall. Hutton’s success has showed that the once restrictive field of modeling is becoming more open.

Lauren Hutton made news in 2005 when, at age 61, she posed nude in an issue of Big magazine. The actress and model said she was enthusiastic about the project, but had to get a green light from her 14 godchildren before she would go through with it.

“They’ve seen me in a bathing suit and they thought I looked OK,” Hutton said. “They said, ‘This is going to be inspirational, are you kidding?’ “

Hutton first appeared topless in 1974, and Larry Flynt once offered her $1 million to pose nude.

She said her generation’s mindset is the reason for the success of these older models.

“My generation of ’60’s women are not going to stop wanting to be attractive,” Lauren Hutton said. “I said, ‘You’ve got to show us in the magazine.’ So they showed me.”