JWoww And Snooki Are ‘Not Welcome’ In Pelican Island

JWoww and Snooki have been told they are not welcome in Pelican Island, at least not when it comes to filming their MTV reality show in one of the residential homes there.

In fact, residents there are so against the filming that they have engaged the services of an attorney to prevent the filming from going ahead there altogether.

Ron Gasirowski is the Red Bank attorney employed by 12 local township residents who live close to Sunset Drive South which is where the filming house is located.

The unhappy residents want JWoww to stop filming the upcoming MTV show. Their claim is that a one-family residential home is not legally allowed to be used for business purposes, including being used for commercial filming.

Attorney Gasirowski said briefly in a statement: “This is in a residential zone and use of it is very restrictive.” He was not prepared to comment on the names or identities of the people who have employed him for this case.

Meanwhile, just to make life even harder for the film crews, the township council is looking into a film permit ordinance as another step to preventing the house from being used.

A resident of Sunset Drive South, who opposed the filming in Pelican Island, Lori Tyska, said:

“There are a number of homes here being demolished. Some homes are scheduled to be elevated and so there is a concern about more traffic in this area right now.”

Neither JWoww nor Snooki were in attendance at the council meeting but JWoww did respond to the expected upcoming lawsuit on Twitter:

“Laughing so hard over these reports…Who would’ve thought 2 girls can piss so many people off.”