Lady Gaga Gets Septum Piercing [Photo]

Lady Gaga got her septum pierced on Monday, and an image taken by the guy responsible is going viral on social media today.

Piercer Steve Bennett took the photo and shared it on his Instagram early this week, showing Lady Gaga’s calm as can be imagined after her latest alteration.

“Getting hype with Lady Gaga at my studio in Chicago,” he wrote.

If Lady Gaga’s septum piercing hurt, you wouldn’t know it from the photo. The Mother Monster looks calm as ever, shooting Bennett a little bit of glare out of the corner of her eye while he smiles humbly for the camera.

Lady G’s various body alterations always make for good news. Back in 2011, she came out of a Vanity Fair shoot in New York wearing two-foot red platforms and a matching dress. The slit in the dress went up so high that photogs were able to get a lens-full of another, secret piercing Gaga has.

Use your imaginations.

Along with body piercings, Gaga has also made quite a name for herself lately on the subject of body image.

Last fall, after the media at large mocked her for gaining 25 pounds, Gaga posted a bunch of pictures of herself in her underwear without makeup or theatrical dress online.

With the caption “Bulimia and Anorexia since I was 15,” Gaga rapped the knuckles of the bullying gossip media. She launched a “Body Revolution” and turned her website into a public forum for discussing body image, cutting, and other forms of body hating.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s septum piercing?