Simon McCoy: Bitter BBC Presenter Vents About Royal Baby ‘Not That It’s News’ [Video]

Simon McCoy, a bitter BBC presenter, may have just emerged as the face of the anti-royal baby hype. If you’re sick and tired of hearing about the newly arrived baby prince, then hit that magic button to watch viral video of your next hero.

Simon McCoy had apparently had enough of being a so-called Waitie Katie standing outside the hospital walls of St. Mary’s in London waiting for the overdue royal baby to finally arrive. He spluttered out his opinion on July 22 — while a breathless and/or bored world waited for the Duchess of Cambridge to hurry up already with her endless labor of this overdue brat.

He vented in front of the cameras, resulting in this YouTube instant classic that has already enjoyed over 2.2 million views. As poster Nigel Fletcher slyly explains, “The BBC’s Simon McCoy lets slip the truth about the hours of coverage that will precede the royal birth…”

You really should watch the video to get the full benefit of Simon McCoy’s inimitable style. But the dude’s enthusiastic about the new royal arrival. I can just tell from this remark: “Plenty more [news] to come, none of it news, but that won’t stop us!”

I won’t venture a guess as to what may have sparked the bitter BBC presenter’s outbreak of honesty. But here’s a string of tweets that offer as good an explanation as any.

But if you really prefer the endless royal baby blither, why not check out my full report on what the stars say the new prince’s future will hold?


Let’s all raise a glass to salute the honesty of bitter BBC presenter Simon McCoy who dared to call-out the royal baby bull.