Opening the Valve for 99 Bucks

Games are the secret; or not so secret, reason a lot of us have computers in the first place. I still have great memories of firing up Doom or becoming dizzy playing Descent. Games have been the driving force behind much of our advancement with personal computers; whether it be the power graphics cards to the size of the hard drives. Rarely a Christmas goes by when we don’t go looking for that new game waiting for us under the tree.

Well this year Valve the company behind such hits as Half-Life and Counter-Strike have decided to give us all the uber gaming gift of all time. They have just released in time for this year’s gift giving season the Valve Complete Pack.

Now I’ll let that sink in for a second because you have to realize that this package contains every single game in the Valve library. However before you go whining about how expensive this package is probably going to be considering that the combined value of all of those games is $234.81 USD let me suggest you find a nice comfortable seat before I tell you what the price for all these goodies is going to be.

You ready?

You sure?

Okay here goes …..


Yup you read that right folks all 21 games for the grand total of $99.99 and you can see from the graphic below just what you are getting for that

The only thing is that I know have a real problem on my hands. You see I recently found out that the Valve store accepts PayPal as a payment method which makes this doubly tempting to grab as an early present for myself except for one thing – I don’t have enough money in my account.