Amanda Bynes Could Remain Hospitalized For Two Weeks

Amanda Bynes could possibly remain hospitalized for mental evaluation for around two weeks.

The troubled actress was placed on a 5150 hold after allegedly setting a fire in the driveway of a residential home in California. She was taken into custody on Monday under California’s Welfare and Institutions Code.

Although the 5150 hold usually lasts for up to 72 hours, an anonymous source told the Los Angeles Times that Amanda Bynes could remain under medical supervision for around two weeks. However, nothing has been officially confirmed as of this writing.

Authorities said they don’t believe the former What I Like About You star wasn’t attempting to burn down the house. However, her behavior ultimately qualified her for a 5150 hold.

“There was a call about a small fire that she’d apparently set in front of the residence, kind of out on a sidewalk on the concrete,” Sergeant Eric Buschow explained.

Andrew Liverpool reportedly witnessed the incident just as he was returning home from work on Monday. He explained to E! News that the actress was “frantic and discombobulated” when police arrived at the scene.

“I see this girl with her pant leg on fire and a gas can trailing fire through the driveway. It looked like her. It sounded like her. She had a wig on,” Liverpool said.

He added, “I quickly pull over to go help her and when I got over here. She put the fire out on her leg and was rushing over to her dog.”

Authorities said Amanda Bynes was also caught trespassing at a nearby retirement community. Although the Easy A star said she was there to visit a relative, management turned her away because they believed she was intoxicated.

No one from the actress’ camp has commented on the situation at the moment.

What do you think about Amanda Bynes being hospitalized for up to two weeks for mental evaluation?

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