Snooki Not Wanted In Berkeley Township, Say Residents

Could there be a Snooki ban brewing? Berkeley Township residents have reportedly hired a lawyer in an attempt to stop MTV from bringing the Snooki And JWoww spinoff to the Pelican Island neighborhood.

Resident Sue Kosakowski said that MTV, JWoww and Snooki would be bringing a circus atmosphere to the quiet Jersey Shore neighborhood.

Kosakowski said: “This is a quiet, friendly island that’s being put on the map for the wrong reasons… It’s a disgrace.” reports that dozens of residents showed up at a Berkeley Township council meeting last night to ask officials what they were thinking when they agreed to let MTV film in the neighborhood. Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato said that the only thing he knew about MTV’s plan was that a a woman and her child would be filming a show at 515 Sunset Drive South.

R.S. Gasiorowski, the lawyer representing some of the residents from Berkeley Township, blamed Michael Loundy, the realtor who owns the property at 515 Sunset Drive South, for going over lawmakers heads.

Gasiorowski said: “Loundy simply did not play by the rules.”

Berkeley Township is still trying to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy and the residents apparently think that Snooki would be a distraction. The reality star, however, thinks that the neighborhood needs to grow up.

Snooki wrote on Instagram: “Unable how adults are trying to ban my son, fiancé and I from enjoying our summer at the shore. Grow up, get over yourself and move on. This is not how we should be treating one another. Absolutely sick and very sad. I pray for you. There’s much bigger things to worry about in life than trying to ban my family from your neighborhood.”

Do you think Snooki will be a problem in Berkeley Township? Should the residents grow up?