Carlos Danger: Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Name Gets A Life Of Its Own

Carlos Danger may seem like the name of a secret agent in an incredibly bad action flick. But this time that’s not the case. Instead, Carlos Danger is allegedly the name used by Anthony Weiner during his sext-capades.

Weiner allegedly used a Yahoo account with the pseudonym to email photos of his penis to an unknown number of women. Dangerous indeed, considering his career may be at stake.

But while Weiner’s second admittance to engaging in sexting outside of marriage is a serious matter, we can’t help but laugh at the name he came up with. And it appears social media is playing along.

During Anthony Weiner’s press conference regarding the latest sexting allegations, the hashtag #CarlosDanger made it close to the top of trending topics.

The name also prompted Slate to come up with the Carlos Danger Name Generator, which has been shared on Facebook and Twitter by thousands of users.

Along with Slate, several Twitter users took their time to make fun of Carlos Danger, A.K.A. Anthony Weiner. User @michaelianblack wrote, “I only got up to Level 2 on my Spanish Rosetta Stone, so I never learned about Carlos Danger.”

Twitchy also took time out to poke fun at the former congressman with a collection of aliases Anthony Weiner could have rejected before becoming Carlos. Suggestions from Twitter users included Rico Suave, Mayor Meat, and Prince Albert, to name just a few.

Weiner admitted during the press conference that the scandal he initially resigned Congress over continued after the resignation. However, it is not clear whether or not the disgraced politician is over his sexting habits. Until then, Weiner assured he is not stepping out of the New York City mayoral race.

While it’s certainly enjoyable to poke fun at Carlos Danger, erm, we mean Anthony Weiner, it’s important to note the situation is less than hilarious to a number of people, namely the former congressman’s wife and his supporters in the mayoral race. Only time will tell whether or not the latest Weiner sexting scandal will affect his candidacy for New York City mayor.