Royal Baby: What Can The New Family Expect At Home?

The royal baby is finally here, so what can the new royal family expect once they are settled in at home?

Every child is different, so the sleeping patterns will be entirely depending on His Royal Highness’ personality and health. Some babies are fuzzy, while others are easy going. Just as the rest of us.

We don’t know what kind of night Kate and William spent at the hospital, but anyone that has children can assume that there was little sleep, although they looked very fresh and happy when they stepped out of St. Mary’s Hospital on their way home.

As a mother myself, one thing I can almost bet on is that Kate is very happy to be at home. She might be sore and tired, but nothing beats sleeping in your own bed, without interruptions from nurses checking on you and your baby every hour.

Since the royal baby is so critical to the continuation of the Windsor bloodline, one can assume that the checking of the well-being of mother and child was even greater than in a regular birth.

Now that they are at home, the Duchess should be able to get into more of feeding pattern. If she is breastfeeding the child, it’s a little bit more stressful, since a new mother doesn’t have much of a break, unless she pumps her milk and allows her husband to feed the newborn with a bottle.

The good news is that William seems to be thrilled to be a dad and very hands on. We saw him bring the baby out in his car seat himself, strap him in the back seat secure it, and drive away. This is a new style in parenting for the royals.

As the days, and nights, go on, things will get easier. Kate and William have a great support system, with her mom being very involved. In the future, she will be a great baby sitter, but for now, she is sure to share many parenting tips on how best to care for the royal baby.

Stay tuned for all the latest on the royal baby.

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