Rachel Wolf Holds Mock Wedding For Dying Father [Video]

Rachel Wolf put on a white gown and got her hair and makeup done for her wedding that included everything but a groom.

In fact, Wolf wasn’t even engaged at the time.

In a Today show interview that aired Monday, the 25-year-old explained why she was playing bride: her dad is dying of pancreatic cancer, and she wanted to pre-record a father-daughter wedding dance so that he could be there on her future Big Day.

Because Wolf’s father, Dr. James Wolf, is dying of pancreatic cancer, he has been told he has less than three or so months to live.

“There are a lot of things that I would’ve liked the girls to experience with me being there,” Dr. Wolf said while choking back tears. “And I’m not going to be there.”

Dr. Wolf, like most father’s, wanted to be there at his daughter’s wedding. Problem was, there was no groom, no engagement, nothing.

According to Today News, “to make sure that he would be there on her wedding day, Rachel, 25, came up with an unusual idea: she would create and record her own father/daughter dance.”

Dr. Wolf said he was flabbergasted by his daughter’s idea.

According to the Huffington Post, Wolf and her father shared a touching and unforgettable dance to Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman at Aubrun Recreation Park in Auburn, California.

Hours before the big moment, Dr. Wolf had been in the hospital and was so exhausted that he could barely get dressed without the help of his wife.

The Today report stated that when Wolf stepped out in a white, sparkling dress. From that moment, father and daughter joined together and shared a beautiful moment.

“Each and every day, we have a choice,” Dr. Wolf said. “We have a choice to either love that person that’s in front of us or not. It’s the relationships that you build over the years that is the most important thing in life.”

“Everything else is just an illusion.”

Rachel Wolf made sure that her dying father would be at her wedding, no matter how far in the future it may be. What do you think of this touching father-daughter moment?

[Image via ABC News]