Skinny Dipping World Record Set In Spain By 729 Nude Swimmers

A new skinny dipping world record was set on Sunday in Vera, Spain, when over 700 men and women stripped off and jumped into the water.

The efforts of 729 nudists eclipsed the previous record, which was set in New Zealand when 506 people swam naked. The beautiful weather helped those in attendance set the record as it was consistently above 90 degrees fahrenheit, which made the Mediterranean Sea bearable.

Spanish press had expected around 600 people to attend the event, however their expectations were surpassed which helped lead to the new record.

Vera Mayor, Jose Carmelo Jorge, was overjoyed by the turnout, and he labelled the nude swim a “tremendous success.”

The town of Vera and the Spanish Naturism Federation organized the event, which saw the swimmers arrive at the Playa El Playazo beach in their hundreds before they then disrobed and began their swim at around noon.

Vera, which is the home to numerous nude beaches, was looking to bolster tourism in the region and all of the funds that they raised courtesy of the event is set to be donated to charity.

The previous record was set at New Zealand’s tenth Rhythm and Vines festival, which saw 506 attendees at the festival strip down to their birthday suits and then launch themselves into the water.

In December 2012, two tandem attempts to break the Guinness World Record for skinny-dipping resulted in neither effort breaking the record.

In Papoma Beach, 299 nude swimmers turned up, whilst another 226 appeared at Christchurch’s Sumner Beach, however despite the fact that their combined total of 525 people easily beat the previous record of 413, they counted as individual events.

One skinny dipper discussed the attempt, stating, “There were a couple of things that made us half think of not doing it, but we did it in the end anyway.”

Have you ever skinny dipped?

[Image via Gisele Porcaro/Wikimedia]