Skydiver Drop Kicks A Baseball Player As He Plummets Down To Earth [Video]

A baseball short-stop preparing for the start of his minor league game was given the surprise of his life when a skydiver smashed into him just moments before the first pitch was set to be thrown.

Mattingly Romanin, who hails from Ontario, Canada, but plays for Missouri’s Hannibal Cavemen as part of the summer Prospect League, was calmly preparing for the match when the parachutist misjudged his landing and appeared to dropkick the athlete.

The skydiver was falling to the ground because in an attempt to deliver the game ball in a dramatic and breath taking manner, however he instead almost injured one of the Cavemen’s key players.

Fortunately for those of us who weren’t in attendance at the game, which saw the Cavemen take on the Terre Haute Rex, YouTube user SBJones20061 was able to capture the entire incident on her camera phone and she has done the honorable deed of uploading it to the website.

It has now been viewed over a million times by baseball aficionados, skydiving experts and anyone with a twisted sense of humor. It is certainly worth a watch if you have yet to view it.

After the collision, which saw Romanin attempt to duck below the oncoming skydiver rather than move out of the way, the crowd at first reacts by laughing in unison, but when Romanin remains on the floor for a moment without moving, they then gasp in shock.

Luckily, Romanin didn’t suffer a serious injury, however the 185 pound utility player missed the game and was seen with a wound above his right eye, whilst the skydiver was able to get up immediately without a scratch.

The next morning, Mattingly Romanin took to Twitter to tell his followers, “I feel like I got kicked in the face yesterday, oh wait…”

[Image via Youtube]