$1Million Lottery Winner Inspired To Buy Ticket After Fortune Cookie Promised Him A Lot Of Gold

A fortune cookie that promised a "lot of gold" to William Johnson convinced him to buy a lottery ticket that went on to award him $1million.

Mr Johnson was eating at a chinese restaurant in Southwick, Massachusetts, when he opened up the desert which told him that he would "soon come into a lot of gold."

Invigorated by this message, Mr Johnson then traveled to his nearest newsagents the next day where he purchased a lottery scratch card which fulfilled his destiny.

Mr Johnson has been enjoying a meal with his wife when he cracked open the fortune cookie, and because of the message he felt compelled to pick up the Massachusetts Millionaire Mania scratch card which has now changed his life.

According to WCVB.com, Mr Johnson selected the cash option on the prize, which cost him $10, and means that he will now receive one lump sum payment of $650,000.

The Johnsons have told Lottery officials that they now plan to buy a decadent lake house with their winnings, whilst the shop where he bought the winning ticket, Colonial News, which is located on Southwick Street in Feeding Hills, will also inherit $10,000 because of the commission from the sale.

The Massachusetts Millionaire Mania instant game still has three $1million and two $3million prizes left to win.

In May 2013, Ricardo Cerezo won $4.85million on the lottery after he discovered that a ticket he had purchased back in February was worth this astronomical sum, but it had just been sat in a jar of tickets for several months.

Recalling the moment he won, Mr Cerezo stated, "I'm awestruck, this is unbelievable … I thought I had probably won about $600 … When I realized we had all six numbers, it was that shocking moment of 'Whoa, can this really be?' So I called my son over and asked him to double check this … And he looked it through and goes, 'Yep, looks like a winner.' "

Have you ever been inspired by a fortune cookie?

[Image via Marie C Field/Shutterstock]