Magician Cuts Himself In Half Then Walks Down The Street Terrifying Passers By [Video]

A magician and stand up comedian has been scaring pedestrians with his new trick, which sees him walk down the street appearing to be cut in half.

Andy Gross managed to terrify every person he came into contact with by simply strolling along with the top half of his body removed, and being held by his side. You can watch a video of his efforts above.

Mr Gross first of all saunters into a park where two women are idly sitting by and enjoying a refreshing drink. They then become alerted to Gross after he shouts “Yah!” in their ears. The duo then turn their heads to see him and become so terrified that they leap away from the bench, with one of the women heading straight to her car, whilst the other is so petrified she slips in the sand in the nearby playground.

At no point does Gross ever reveal how he perfected the trick, however the trick is so thoroughly convincing it apparently makes those who witness it believe that they are an extra from The Walking Dead.

The clip was uploaded to Youtube by the user, walkingalltogether, which is presumably Mr Gross’ official account as it also features around 20 other videos he has created and also directs you to his website and twitter feed where you can keep up to date with his spooky antics.

Gross’ about blurb on the piece sees him name the trick the “Split Man” and it proclaims, “Watch as Andy Gross is cut in half and walks around the streets like this scaring people with this very fun magic illusion.”

Gross is currently touring his comedy magic show, which is entitled, MindBoggling, across art theatres and venues everywhere in the country.

Do you have any idea how Andy Gross created this trick? Were you scared by the “Split Man”?

[Image via Youtube]