Jared Leto Would Have Become A Drug Dealer If It Wasn’t For Acting

Jared Leto has admitted that he probably would have become a drug dealer if it wasn’t for his acting and musical talents.

Talking to The Big Issue, a a street newspaper that is sold by homeless people so that they have an opportunity to make a legitimate income, the Requiem For A Dream actor, revealed that the most integral moment of his life came when he was 16-years-old.

At this point, he still didn’t know that he was going to become an actor, and he was in fact considering whether or not to venture into a different profession. He though about become a painter or an artist or, if he didn’t feel at home with a paint brush in his hand, he had even considered becoming a drug dealer.

Leto continued that even as he grew older he still wasn’t sure which path he would take, and in the end he fortunately decided that a life as a rock and roll star, he is the lead singer for the rock outfit, 30 Seconds To Mars, and as an actor would be more to his liking.

Discussing his rambunctious childhood, Leto stated that he and his older brother, Shannon, who is also in his band, used to wreak havoc during their youth.

Leto stated, “We broke into offices, warehouses, schools – you name it, we did it. And in the process we became a right pair of little thieves: bottles of liquor one day, a scooter or a nice-looking motorbike the next.”

He then went on to add, “It was what we did. Some kids went and did summer camps, we went and stole your car. At the time, I don’t think we thought there was much wrong with what we were doing, unless of course we got caught – that was the wrong part.”