Bentley SUV: Ultra-Luxury Comes At A Price

The Geneva Motor show earlier this year saw the unveiling of the Bentley SUV concept vehicle, the EXP 9 F.

Bentley Motors announced today their intention to produce the world’s most luxurious, and expensive, SUV. Timelines for the new Bentley SUV are not clear at this time; neither is a name for the final product which is yet to be decided.

The company said it has received very positive feedback from their customer base for the concept of an ultra-luxury Bentley SUV. They are to be built at the Bentley factory in Crewe, UK and will come with an investment of around $1.2 billion. The new production will also create over 1000 jobs in the local area

The move by Bentley Motors is an attempt by them to secure some of the luxury SUV market. This may be in light of the fact that the Porsche Cayenne SUV bought them great success and accounts for over half of Porsche’s global revenue.

The recent steps by Lamborghini and Bentley to move into the SUV market hasn’t been met enthusiastically by all though. Many car enthusiasts have pointed out that the SUV market is not one that the more luxury car manufactures traditionally favor. They fear the move will compromise the brands exclusivity.

Analyst Tim Schuldt of Equinet AG commented, despite some opposition to the new Bentley SUV:

“SUVs continue to be in high demand and Porsche has shown that plush sport-utility vehicles have great potential.”

The cost of the Bentley SUV will set you back a mere $140,000 when it hits the streets in the next few years. After all, ultra-luxury comes at a price.