Violent PIMP Sentenced To 30 Years For Sex Trafficking And Interstate Prostitution

Twenty-nine-year-old PIMP Johnelle Lewis Bell has been sentenced to 30 years in a federal prison. While many PIMPS skirt jail or serve very little time, Bell was convicted of running a multi-state sex trafficking and prostitution ring.

According to the prosecution, Bell ran his network through 13 states with girls as young as 16 years old.

Bell and his associates used known prostitution posting website and various other online escort services to post about sex ads.

During the trial, various former sex workers who were controlled by Johnelle Bell came forward to testify. The women talked about being lured into the trade with promises of wealth and love. Ultimately, Bell physically and psychologically attacked the girls.

According to his former sex workers, he would strike them, whip them with belts, choke them, and even threaten to kill their families if they left. Bell would take their driver’s license so he could collect their addresses.

In at least one case, the PIMP’s violent ways led to one girl being branded with a tattoo of his nickname “Victorious P.”

Police arrested Johnelle Bell in the Omaha-Council Bluffs Area on June 18, 2011. The violent PIMP was arrested during an undercover raid conducted by members of the Omaha Police Department, the Council Bluffs PD, and the FBI.

During his trial Johnelle Bell was found guilty on 12 counts of sex trafficking and interstate prostitution. The violent PIMP was sentenced to 30 years in Federal Prison on July 19, 2013.

The case was also investigated by the SouthWest Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force and various other law enforcement agencies in a number of states.

Do you think 30 years is enough for this violent PIMP or should a life behind bars have been handed down because of his unspeakable acts against young girls?