Does Amy Winehouse Have the Hots for A 16-Year-Old?

I thought that Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil was enthusiastic about taking down her panties and all that? It looks like the romantic, fuzzy feelings are not entirely mutual between Blake and Amy: an interesting report from the Daily Mirror claims that this “sex starved” singer been “phoning and texting” 16-year-old X-Factor contestant Eoghan Quigg. Supposedly she’s been thinking about divorcing Blake, and is taking time off to cool her heels with the show’s youngest finalist:

But a source close to Amy confirmed she was first in touch with the impressionable youngster on Wednesday. And since then her calls and texts have been persistent.

The insider said: “Amy wants to meet him whether he wins or loses. She’s a massive fan and thinks he’s cute.”

The emphasis may be mine, but the damage has been done! Amy Winehouse had a crazy night out last week, where she was seen racing through rubbish heaps and searching for Blake, and it looks like Mr. Eoghan might be along for the ride. According to the insider, he’s “up for it.”

Amy’s not the mother of all bad influence, but she’s got to be in the top 10.