Louis C.K. On Rolling Stone Controversy: ‘Yeah, F*ck Them’ [Video]

Rolling Stone magazine has plenty of critics thanks to their controversial decision to put Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on their latest cover, and you can count funnyman Louis C.K. among them.

C.K. stopped by The Daily Show Monday night to talk with stand-in host John Oliver about his new movie Blue Jasmine, directed by Woody Allen.

The interview took a quick sidebar into the Rolling Stone controversy, and C.K. pretty quickly admitted that he wasn’t happy with the magazine’s decision to focus on the Boston bombing suspect in their latest issue.

Oliver asked C.K. which Rolling Stone description of himself he’d like on his headstone: “the funniest comedian in America” or “a jerk-off genius,” he’d prefer on his headstone.

“They put that kid on the cover that blew up Boston, so f*ck them,” C.K. responded.

Many businesses who have decided to not carry Rolling Stone’s latest issue are probably inclined to agree, albeit more diplomatically that that.

C.K. also talked about his collaboration with Woody Allen on “Blue Jasmine,” admitting that he only took on the project in order to meet the film great. “He’s a hero of mine and one of the best ever,” C.K. said.

He said that his character in the film is “this guy who bothers this poor woman played by Sally Hawkins and I have sex with her about five times in the movie. In the car, in a closet. I’m real seedy, just gross.”

“Blue Jasmine” will also star Alec Baldwin and Cate Blanchette.

Are you a fan of Louis C.K.? Do you agree with his opinion of the Rolling Stone Tsarnaev cover?