Shirley Jones Reveals Shocking Details In Autobiography

Shirley Jones has revealed some shocking details in her autobiography. The book details her career, relationships, and some interesting details about her sex life. Jones is best known for her role as Shirley Partridge on The Partridge Family from 1970 to 1974.

Jones, age 79, decided it was time to dispel the myth that her personality echoed that of the character she played on TV.

As reported by Fox News, the book’s introduction gives a realistic warning about the content inside:

“… bring out the smelling salts, hang on to your hats, and get ready for the surprise of your lives!”

The content of Shirley Jones’ book is certainly not surprising by today’s standards. However, as she will always be remembered as the wholesome matriarch of The Partridge Family, the revelations may shock some fans.

The memoir begins with a look at her early career. As reported by, Jones auditioned for Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein at the age of 19. She starred in her first stage production in 1953.

She won the lead roles in film adaptations of Oklahoma! in 1955, and Carousel in 1956, proving that her talent extended beyond the stage.

Shirley Jones’ autobiography reveals her thoughts about various co-stars, including Richard Widmark, with whom she says she fell in love.

She describes Jimmy Stewart as “charmingly ditzy,” and refers to Marlon Brando as the “king of the retakes.” However, the details of her passionate but stormy relationship with Jack Cassidy are the most revealing.

Cassidy was Shirley Jones’ first husband. The couple remained married for 19 years, despite numerous infidelities and betrayals.

Jones describes Cassidy as her “sexual Svengali.” As her first lover, she explains that he introduced her to the wonders of sex.

She discusses in detail his impressive skills between the sheets. Jones points out that his skills were enhanced by the fact that he was well-endowed and she was often “highly sexed.”

Jones biography also details the couple’s experimentation with another female, which she did not enjoy, and Cassidy’s experimentation with actor Cole Porter.

Shirley Jones’ revelations are certain to shock some fans. However, it is refreshing that she is willing to share the story truthfully and without regrets.

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