Schindler’s List Still Has No Bids On eBay

Schindler’s List is currently being auctioned off on eBay but it doesn’t look like anyone is going to pony up the $3 million to meet the reserve price. So far, no one has placed a bid on the historical artifact.

The auction will be live for the next five days so there is still a chance that someone decides to pay $3 million to purchase the original Schindler’s List. In fact, California collectors Gary Zimet and Eric Gazin, have posted the historical artifact on eBay, are hoping to get around $5 million.

Gazin told the NY Post: “We decided to sell the list on eBay because it has over 100 million worldwide members, and this is a global story… There are billionaires using the site, wealthy celebrities.”

The Inquisitr reported earlier this week that there were seven original copies of Schindler’s List. Only four are known to exist today. Two copies are in the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Museum and one is at the Holocust Museum in Washington. The other, of course, is on eBay.

The sale description reads: “This exceedingly rare original Schindler’s List is the only one ever on the market. It emanates from the family of Itzhak Stern, Schindler’s accountant and right hand man (played by Ben Kingsley in the Academy Award-winning film). There are 3 others known which are in institutional hands. It is 14 pages in length and lists 801 male names, dated April 18, 1945. It is guaranteed authentic.”

Do you think this original copy of Schindler’s List will get sold on eBay? If you have $3 million and want to check out the auction you can see it here on eBay.