'Royal Family' Volunteers As Baby Food Tasters, Hilarious [Video]

A hilarious video of a different kind of "Royal family" has surfaced to volunteer as baby food tasters for the future British monarch born on Monday.

Even thought the royal baby is merely a day old, there is already preparations for how he will be fed and what kind of diet will he follow. It is expected that he will eat all the same foods that his father and uncle Harry enjoyed as infants plus some of his mother's favorites.

Here in the US, the royal birth was also followed closely by many, including our own "royal family", the Kansas City Royals baseball team.

A group of players decided to create a video in what they say is a way of contributing to the new royal baby's safety. In the video, Hall of Famer George Brett is seen downing a spoonful of mushy carrots.

Pitcher James Shields smiles widely after enjoying a helping of puréed sweet peas, and first baseman Eric Hosner enjoys a delicious serving of chicken and gravy.

The players, who apparently have a lot of time on their hands at the moment, introduce the video themselves saying,

Hi, we're the Kansas City Royals and as members of the Royal family we are very excited by the birth of the royal baby.

So to pitch in, we decided to volunteer as the official royal baby food tasters.

The three members of the Royals then proceed to do a slow motion testing of the baby food, which is absolutely hilarious.

It is debatable whether Kate and William will take the men up on their offer to taste their baby's food, but they would get a chuckle out of the video; they are both known for their great sense of humor.

What do you think of seeing grown men tasting "baby food"? Which Royal do you think would make the best baby food tester?

[Image via Parade Magazine]