Dwayne Wade's Ex Has To Stop Pretending She's Homeless

Remember when Dwayne Wade's ex sat in the streets of Chicago with a sign suggesting that the couple's contentious divorce proceedings had left her homeless? She has been paid $5 million to stop doing that.

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade sat outside of Chicago's Daley Center on July 19 with a sign that said "NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets." A temporary deal reached between the two stated that Funches-Wade would receive $25,000 a month in spousal support and an additional $10,000 in travel and living expenses, but she told reporters that the settlement was well beneath what Wade owed her.

"Dwyane Wade is offering to pay only some of what he owes me if I sign an agreement never again to discuss what happened in our marriage or with our children. I refuse," she said.

Well, both parties finally settled on a $5 million deal which includes a "non-disparage" agreement, which means that both parties can't bash each other in public, so "I refuse" really means "I refuse unless I get $5 million," apparently.

Additionally, Wade's lawyers released a statement which gets one final dig in against Dwayne Wade's ex before the settlement clears.

"The agreement was submitted in court last Tuesday, July 16 prior to Ms. Funches' recent unfounded and erratic public display outside the courthouse this past Friday," the statement said.

"Despite false allegations by Ms. Funches claiming to be 'homeless' and 'destitute,' Dwayne Wade has maintained over the years financial support to his ex-wife by providing her with income over $25,000 on a monthly basis, timely paid for her home mortgage, maintenance and security at the house, 4 cars, insurance, taxes and all of her attorney fees throughout this process."

The statement concludes, "Mr. Wade continues to hope that one day he will have a civil relationship with his ex-wife for the sake of their sons."

The statement also says that Funches-Wade has made a "mockery" of the serious issue of homelessness, which Wade's own mother went through while he was a child. Due to her "unstable mental state," visitation is still being determined.

Wade was granted sole custody of the couple's two children in 2011.

Do you think that Dwayne Wade's ex will keep quiet in light of her $5 million settlement?